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Organic coffee ABC - 1 kg

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An ABC organic coffee, a selection of the best organic arabics. A rich blend in the style of ABC coffee, where the flavors of Brazil are combined with those of Indonesia. The product is made with 100% BIOLOGICAL coffee, certified.
Organic coffee that is roasted by hand and expertly blended by ABC coffee.
Pack of 1 kg of coffee beans



The Organic coffee ABC coffee is a blend of 100% organic coffee, very rich and flavored ABC coffee .. Ingredients and prevalent origin: blend of BIOLOGICAL coffee, Arabica from Brazil and Indonesia, roasted, blended and ground expertly. The ABC coffee blend, of the Mythos line, is created with 100% ORGANIC coffee, certified by CCPB, an organic control and certification body. Pack of 1 kg of coffee beans. For more info
Aroma Intense
Taste Strong and Rich
Intensity Full-bodied

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